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 Want to Close More of Your Conversations?
This New Script Makes it Easier than Ever Before
From: Eileen Wilder

Re: Your freedom...

Today I want to share with you how you can significantly increase your prices and increase your close rate all while attracting a higher quality of client and delivering a better experience for them. 
If we haven’t met before, my name's Eileen Wilder and not so long ago, 
I was struggling to sell my books, courses and programs even at really low price points. 

In fact, the highest value offer I had was only $297 and I couldn't even sell that. 

It was so frustrating. 

If you've ever been there, you'll know that's not a very sustainable way to grow a business. 

In fact, my husband, Harrison, had to drive Uber at the time to support us while I tried to figure the whole online marketing thing out. 

It was so frustrating because I wanted to serve people at a really high level.

I knew my programs were amazing, but I couldn't figure out how to attract a higher caliber of client. 

I felt so stuck. 

But in March of 2018, I attended an event in Orlando and I came across a concept I'd never heard of before: High ticket sales. 

What I was discovering was shocking me. 

People were closing the room at five thousand ten thousand even $20,000 in a matter of minutes. 

I was like, “what is happening right now?”

I decided to make it my mission to find out exactly what these people were doing and how they were able to have such an impact with their businesses.

So I invested $56,000 of my own money learning from the very best salespeople and closers in the world. 

What they taught me was mind-blowing. 

They taught me these like secret power phrases that made people want to buy almost anything, and they taught me how to weaponize silence so the prospect actually closes themself on the call. 

They also taught me how to provide massive value to the client in a way that didn't make it feel salesy at all. 

So what I did after hundreds of sales calls and testing and trying everything, 

I compiled my own process into something called the ultimate sales script. 

I found that by using this script, I was able to close the same offer at higher and higher price points. 

I started at $2,000 then increased it to $4,000 then $6,000 

Eventually I was selling the same offer for $21,000 and this was awesome because now I was able to provide an unbelievable experience for my clients, trips together, dinners together, extra support 

I was finally able to serve them at the highest level.
I Want This To Be Your New Reality
… just like it is for me, my team, and hundreds of clients who are already using this exact script to build unstoppable confidence and get paid the income they finally deserve.

Take two of my rockstar students, Alice and Elisha, for example:

And this script can do the same for you, whether you’re the business owner (like me) OR a sales professional paid on commission.

After taking business owners and sales professionals to 10k weeks and even, 100k days... our clients are hitting new levels of wealth that most people wouldn’t think possible...

I’ve developed a new, servant-based script that enables you to close authentically and at the same time, making it almost impossible for prospects to say “no” to you ever again.

It's called the Ultimate Sales Script™.

You can use this script to DOUBLE your closing rate and get PREDICTABILITY over your income, in just 5 lessons... 

without generating more leads, using paid ads, or taking any additional calls whatsoever.

For Just $7.00, you’ll have this script that will enable you to authentically and comfortably walk through the sales process and substantially increase your closing rate.

Imagine what that will do to your bottom line! 

In fact, for the vast majority of people I’ve trained... 
All It Took Was One
Simple Tweak in the "Flow" of the Call...
And they began closing up to 50% more calls in the very first week.
“Serve Don't Sell…"
When I was learning how to close, I searched everywhere for quality sales training. All I heard was:

Expect the close…
Go for the no…

It all felt so slimy and salesy.

I wanted to feel good about what I was doing.

And I wanted my customers to work with me because they were eager to do so, not because I manipulated and forced them to...
A Proven, Repeatable “Script” for Consistent and Easy Closes WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Integrity to Get It
On a desperate search to find something -- anything -- that would save my spiraling business (and my mind) from inevitable burnout…

And with my family of five in mind, I began my dig.

I went through hundreds of hours of training.  I transcribed them, pulling them apart, documenting every single close…

Scouring the depths to catch the spirit behind the tactics. 

Then, late one late night it hit me. No one was teaching about making the sales process IRRESISTIBLE, by awakening 'buyer's momentum'.  Everyone was teaching you just have to 'push' harder.

I decided to test it. My very next call felt like a casual chat with my best friend after a glass of wine, ending with a $4,800 deposit straight into my bank account.

Next call… easy.
Next call… easy.
Next call… easy.

People Started Closing Themselves!

So I broke it down how to awaken 'buyer's momentum' step-by-step… 

“In the Open, say this… In the question portion, ask this… When you state the offer, do this…”

In the end I documented it into this elegant sales script that closes people even on your very first try with:
  • No Sales Experience Needed…
  • No Bubbly Personality Required …
  • No Hype, Fear or Intimidation Tactics... 
  • ​No Salesmanship or Manipulation...
  • ​And No Funnel...
The Ultimate Sales Script™ is ALL of the compiled words to say...

in exactly the right sequence…  
in exactly the right tone…

You can actually SEE how “easy” it's going to be to plan to make sales because the script lays it out right in front of you!

You can ENVISION simply and clearly stating your offer…

It making total and COMPLETE sense to your potential client...

You can practically hear the ‘a-ha’ moment’ going off in their mind as they hunger to get what you have...

What took me months of research and self-reflection I practically give to you inside this ONE SCRIPT to increase your revenue...

without feeling salesy..

The Ultimate Sales Script™
Sounding Good? Here's How the Ultimate Sales Script™ Works...
When you invest in the "Ultimate Sales Script™" today (for just $97 $7) You're going to get access to EXACTLY what to say in the beginning, middle and close - right up until you take the prospects credit card. You will discover the secret phrases that awaken buyer's momentum, and what to say before being QUIET so the client actually closes themself!
ALL YOU PAY IS $97 $7!
If you want to get your sales DOUBLED and grow your business, then this is the script for you!
(We’re 100% committed to keeping the Ultimate Sales Script™ at a VERY low rate, so that anyone can access it…Just help us cover the materials inside - and it’ll be delivered straight to your inbox!)
Why Time Is Of The Essence...
If this page is open, it means that the script is still available for the low price of $97 $7, but it won't be that way forever.

I'm not sure how long we will keep this offer at this low of a price...

NOW is the best time for you to access The Ultimate Sales Script!
Here's What To Do Next...
From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and create your account, then we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watching the video and I look forward to hearing your success story! 

Eileen Wilder

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal: 

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